Our History

Our History

In the fall of 1954, members of the Church of Christ in Derby, Kansas, began plans to establish a congregation. The first service was held in the International Order of Odd Fellows Hall on December 5th, 1954, with almost 90 present. Part-time preaching was done primarily by E. W Hammons and Hermon Monhollad.

In April, 1956, a new building was begun and the first service was held in it in September with 210 present. Dion Pitchford came to the congregation at this time, from West Union, Missouri, as its first full time preacher. Other ministers over the years were: George Mayfield, John Thornton, Ernest Sanderson, Cleo Jones, Gary Morrison, Maynard “Bud” Hammans, Kevin Bullard, Terry Butler, and currently, Larry Scarth.

Elders were appointed first in 1955. They were: Charley Reynolds, Russell Mauck & James Alley. Other elders over the years were: Fred High, Leslie Gregory, Ward Clements, John Fultz, Paul McCarty, Jerry Partridge, Phil Clements, Lester Duncan, John Adams, Jerry Merriman, Joe Dillard, Ray Smith, Ray Phillips, Phil Legate, Bill Booth, Mike Peters, and currently, Robert Abraham, Jim Christensen, and David Wahl.

In January, 1966, the final payment was made on the mortgage of the original building, putting the congregation out of debt. That was short-lived as a new building was in the planning at an estimated cost of $110,000. This portion of the present structure was finished in 1968 and moved into in the spring of 1969.

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